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I am off again. Off WoW. Yesterday i cancelled my accounts. I didn’t delete my characters because i know it doesn’t make a difference. Blizzard is too smart for that and will undelete your accounts anyway. But, given the situation with most (if not all) of the friends i have made in the game no longer PLAYING the game, i think i might be safe.  It is an addiction i’d rather kick.

To take its place, i am playing some of my xbox. Also, my DS Lite. I want to read some new books too so if anyone has a suggestion please let me know! I am open!

I haven’t blogged about Warcraft lately. Up until a few weeks ago i was pretty happy with the new friends and guild i had joined and there really wasn’t time to write about it because i was playing the game, having fun. Well, that guild kind of bled out from self inflicted bullet wounds. The same old crap with casual players butting heads with more serious ones. I am a serious player. I guess you have to be when you spend like 6 hours a day playing a game. Don’t have a lot of time for people who sign on once every few days to say hello then log off. Anyway, the people who ran our guild just got sick of the bullshit complaining from these casuals and basically all quit within a few days of each other. I’d say about 15 people left, which essentially killed our group. It is sad because we were good.

So i was faced with a new (old) problem. Do i find another guild? Do i quit the game? Do i re-roll? I decided to retire my current characters and make a new one (which i almost always do).  I’m having fun again, but i am essentially playing by myself.

Starting again new is getting so damned old.

I do this every time. Surely there is something else i can do with my time that is as engrossing as playing WoW. If there is, i just haven’t found it. I love to cook but that hasn’t reached the same level of ‘hobby’ as WoW has.

This all made me think of somewhat recent ‘friends’ who have come in and out of my life. You know, one thing i can say that was great about this guild i was in was that there were some real friends there. One thing i learned is that when someone tells you they are your friend, they almost never are — and the people who never bring up stuff like that can be your best friends. Something to think about for the future. Friends don’t just vanish on you.

Dream Daughter

Last night i dreamed that i had a daughter. She wasn’t an infant — i think she was probably 5 or 6 or something. I am bad at ages. Old enough to walk around, dress in regular clothes and like, be able to talk intelligently. It was a vivid dream. She had dark hair and we were walking around like a mall or something. I can remember being extremely happy. It was just a time to hang out, talk, teach and just be together.

Now, in the non-dream world i have no interest in having kids. At least,  not biologically. My wife and I are really freaked out on that stuff. I also have no interest in dealing with screaming all night, cleaning up shit and so forth.

But in the dream world it was really nice. It was pretty much all the best parts without any of the worst parts.

I posed a question to my coworkers a little while back. If you had an option to live in a dream but forsake reality, would you? If you could basically never wake up from the best dream you ever had would you stay asleep forever? Dreams like the one i had last night make me wonder.

Maybe one day we will adopt.

Tomorrow is my sixth year anniversary at my current job. My friends in the office say they will mail themselves bullets, due to arrive next year at this time, if we are all still here.  I tend to agree. I’d say there is less than a 20% chance i will need the bullet though. So, that means i have probably 2 or 3 more blog entries before next April at the rate i am going.

Finished Battle Star season 3 last night. Awesomeness. I can’t recommend it any more highly than i have. I am in love with Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck). Season 4 is only 9 months away 😦

This weekend we went to an arts and culinary festival and that was nice. I think i am wanting more and more to be a chef, or at least take some cooking classes.

My new addiction is BSG on SciFi. I know it is in season 3, but much like Lost i came to know about the show late.  At first i head my hesitations.. Starbuck is a girl?  I didn’t know any of the other characters so they were easier to accept.  But now that i have seen about half of season 1 i have to say that it is probably my favorite show at the moment.  And Starbuck is a hottie.

I am older..

Yes, i had a birthday since the last time i wrote here. I don’t feel older, or particularly wiser. Truth be told i feel the same as i have since i was 24 (now 32). I hope it stays that way for a long time because i liked 24-31.

What have i been doing. Well yes, WoW. Thats about all anyone who plays that game ever does. Have a level 65 character now and am enjoying the new expansion.

Found a new favorite show in Top Chef. So if anyone is reading who wants to get me shit in the future (e.g. my mom!) then cooking stuff from Top Chef would be nice. Maybe the Pro Kenmore kitchen? Ha.